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We Love a Good Plan

Publishers with great relationships and rock star salespeople have a good chance of succeeding.

But without a plan to build the right kind of editorial department, it just won’t happen.

Our team will build and manage a custom publishing system that creates high quality content on deadline and under budget.


Targeted Content is Great Content

Who’s your audience and what do they love? Whether it’s a long-form feature or a front-of-book brief, we do top flight creative work that inspires readers and meets your organization’s objectives.

  • We develop and deliver assignment specifications
  • We negotiate agreements and manage freelancers
  • We sheperd work through the production pipeline

We Take Your Budget Seriously

We settle financial strategies early and manage the editorial department’s budget from top to bottom. If there are problems, you’ll never see them.

Still, if you want to be in the loop, get 24-hour access to an itemized spreadsheet with your budget’s up-to-the-minute status. 


Get the Right Art

Whether it’s a tiny thumbnail or an elaborate, double-trucked photo illustration, every story needs the right art. Great art can be expensive, but good art is affordable if you know where to look (we do).

We help publishers develop strategies for each piece of their magazine’s image puzzle.

Print Mags Need Love Too

It’s true. Electronic editions are beautiful and dynamic, but print can still be the best strategy.

That doesn’t make it easier for today’s print publishers to compete with their faster, less expensive digital colleagues. So we’re here to help them figure out how to do it.


Get in Touch

So many ways to connect, so little time. We also take singing telegrams and carrier pigeons.


If you’re just getting started, don’t worry! 

We’ll get you on track to publish fast: 

  • Custom CMS
  • Budgets
  • Schedules
  • Nameplates
  • Architectures
  • Design templates